Written in C#. Uses OpenGL for renderer and FMOD for sound. All other components hand-written.

COG lexer, parser, compiler and virtual machine are working extremely well. Tested with many different levels/mods and circumstances.

Graphics engine includes the expected 8-bit CMP and 16-bit 565RGB and 1555ARGB support. Additional features include a carefully selected automatic texture upscaling algorithm, anisotropic filtering and antialiasing. Shaders framework is started but not presently in use; using fixed-function pipeline until compatibility is certifiably good. Shaders are not strictly necessary to implement core functionality.

Multiplayer is early stage, so glitchy as frig, but surprisingly functional. COG commands are serialized and broadcast to peers. This is an active area of research, mainly in thing creation/destruction synchronization.

Physics and animation and other such gameplay elements have a lot of research and development invested and their limitations are both known and few.

Editing JED's "Save JKL and Test" batch file to point at smith.exe instead of JED allows for much faster playtesting as there are no menus to click through and load times are very fast. Further, there is runtime integration with JED/ZED, and after a quick calibration routine, the camera position of JED's 3D Preview and Smith can be transferred back and forth automatically.