Chase Camera - creates a camera that follows behind the player.
Drop Camera - leaves a camera that player can move away from.
Follow Camera - creates a camera that leads in front of the player.
Multi Camera - creates a vertex camera: crouching will cycle through death camera & idle camera (stop crouching & quickly reactivate for the idle camera or it will shut off).
Item Script: Gravity Reduction device - run faster, jump higher, fall from great distances (simulates reduced gravity).
Item Script: Electro-Binoculars - see far & away.
Item Script: Holographic Morphing Device - Player has the ability to assume the shape and appearance of a powerup item (both multiplayer & single-player) or another player (multiplayer only).
Item Script: Self-Destruct - Player explodes.
Item Script: Transporter - Activate at current position, activate later & player will return to postion where transporter was first activated.
Cheat Script: AI disabler - disables AI in single-player.
Cheat Script: Fly - provides the ability to fly.
Cheat Script: Force - 1st activation adds one force star for all Force Powers, 2nd activation adds unlimited mana, 3rd activation adds two force stars to all Force Powers, 4th activation adds unlimited mana, etc. Removes force & mana after four stars & unlimited mana have been reached.
Cheat Script: Invulnerability - provides player invulnerability.
Cheat Script: Weapon, Ammo, Battery - gives player all weapons, unlimited ammo, unlimited battery.