JkGfxMod makes Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II look better and run on new computers.

If you're struggling to get Jedi Knight running on a new computer, you should use JkGfxMod. If you're currently relying on Windows compatibility options, ddraw.dll hacks, or dgVoodoo2 to get the game working, you should consider JkGfxMod instead. It's a great alternative!

JkGfxMod also makes the game look better. In addition to various postprocessing effects, JkGfxMod adds support and tooling for advanced materials. JkGfxMod was used to create the Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack, which upgrades Jedi Knight with AI-generated high resolution textures.

Major features:

- Makes the game work on new computers
- Improves performance in certain scenarios
- Better quality of life:
---- HUD scaling
---- No mode switching between menus and gameplay
---- Hardware-accelerated windowed mode
- Better graphics:
---- 32-bit color
---- Gamma correction
---- Bloom
---- Ambient occlusion
---- Parallax mapping
- Better mods:
---- Support and tooling for advanced, high-quality materials

You can download or contribute to JkGfxMod on the GitHub project page: