When I first played Dark Forces II, albeit far long after the 1997 release, but still almost 10 full years ago, I was completely blown away. The shooting, the level design, the scope, the breakneck pace and the surprisingly thoughtful design all far exceeded what I had experienced in Jedi Knight 2 or Jedi Academy.

When you love something though, you start to understand its flaws more; I'll be the first to admit DF2 isn't perfect. The saber is sluggish, certain weapons like the Bryar Pistol are unfavorable to use, and the force powers are quite hit and miss, especially after you reach the point when you are shifted to the light side or the dark side.

This is where Jedi Knight Remastered comes in: A mod I've been working on for just over 3 months. I have altered many aspects, but before we get into the details I need you to know one thing: This isn't my mod alone; really, it's not my mod at all. I would like to give a shoutout to the modding community at JK, which has produced works such as SBX, JKE, JKGfxMod, the HUD revamp, and many many more. I have sampled the work of dozens of contributors to the modding scene, and as such I refuse to take credit for this mod as a singular work of mine.

With that out of the way, here are my changes:

-Completely revamped force powers, including drastically buffed dark side powers, sped-up mana regeneration, rebalancing, and more
-Adjusted 1st-Person weapon perspectives
-Overhauled, substantially improved saber system, including an all-new blocking system with a block meter
-Dark Jedi AI enhanced, saber trails added, new attacks
-Many new sound effects, some recorded straight from the movies
-Quality of life improvements such as the player receiving the 'bonus' force powers regardless of whether or not they remained 100% true to one side of the force or the other, 1 bacta tank on spawn, etc.

In case you're wondering, this mod is sadly incompatible with JKE. Party like it's 1997, I say.

The .gob file I have is too large for jkhub, so I have posted it on a JK modding discord for now. Enjoy!