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Kick The 9,527 KB 2016-04-01 03:36:05

Also available for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and HTML5!

Easy Mode Recommended... I believe, final... 7,014 KB 2006-06-26 06:19:30

Here is the MP pack for 3 of the Ugnaut levels. 04, a little duel place. 05, the whole ship is your playground. Some things might be a little unsynced. And 06, a nice little place for a sabers' fest.

/Edward Mostly final 695 KB 2006-06-08 10:32:02

*GASP* It wasn't real? All of it was just... Film? If you want, I'll give you a tour of what we did where in this mad game.
Attention: 261 objects. Might need the No Thing limit patch.

Trailer.Variable-1579.32khz_128kbps.MPEG2 MPEG-2 18,198 KB 2006-05-07 04:58:53

Here is a trailer in MPEG format.
It is MPEG-2 at 74% with a Variable bit rate of 1579Kbps
Sound is at 32Khz and 128Kbps

Trailer.Single_ISDN.V&M+Normal.RM Alternative 2,173 KB 2006-05-07 04:29:32

Here is a trailer in Real Media format.
It targets those with Single ISDN
Audio content is Voice with background music
Video quality is Normal
Other options are Mobile playback & Perfect play

Trailer.DivX_75%_1500.MPEG_L3.AVI DivX6 14,284 KB 2006-05-07 02:27:13

Here is a trailer in AVI format.
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Fast-Motion
MPEG Audio Layer3 22Khz, 128kbps CBR

Trailer.100-768kpbs.WMV8 8 and up 9,111 KB 2006-05-07 02:27:13

Here is a trailer in Windows Media Video 8 format.
It is set for LAN, Cable Modem, or xDSL (100 to 768 Kbps) 1.something.etc.5 8,268 KB 2005-08-27 06:33:30

OK. Will be out Very Soon!